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Adrian Nisbet

Adrian Nisbet
Business Adviser | People Skills and Leadership

Adrian has worked as a member of the Vital Six coaching team for over five years.  He is a seasoned and highly motivated HR professional with a passion for demonstrating the commercial and reputational returns that people can deliver for businesses.

His enthusiasm and drive have contributed to tangible gains for the businesses he has worked with on projects across a diverse range of industry sectors.

His professional credentials were gained in the corporate world working in HR and leadership positions with businesses such as Canon, Telewest, Dell, Barclays Capital, Covidien and Vistage where he ran HR projects directly for some of the worlds best know business leaders.

Adrian's first degree is a BA in Geography and History from Keele, he also holds an MA in Management from Kent and is a licensed practitioner for SHL, MBTI and Hogan instruments and is also accredited by Covey and Blanchard for leadership development programmes and has a pragmatic and no nonsense approach to help executives and organisations optimise potential.

Adrian has a strong commitment to his wife, son and work-life balance, spending as much time with them as possible on the family obsessions skiing, windsurfing and travelling.

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