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Continuing our work with the AHSN network

Posted: 04 Oct 2017

Delivering business support takes many forms, but our time spent working with the AHSN (Academic Health Science Networks) always feel particularly rewarding. Our recent workshop with AHSN NENC assisting applicants  navigate their way through the i4i fund process was no exception.    

Working with NIHR (National Institute for Health Research),  the aim of the day was to help researchers, Universities and medical device producers to understand the i4i application process of how to unlock i4i funding to support accelerated development of promising medical technologies.

Successful  i4i applications will need to identify a commercial idea that benefits patients  in an area of existing or emerging clinical need and clearly demonstrate how recieveing funding will accelerate  development to ensure technologies benefit patients sooner.

It feels so positive to be supporting these #innovations that will be a  vital component of a transformed, sustainable NHS and we look forward to hearing of successful outcomes to their applications.