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The Thames Valley and Richardson, Texas have a lot in common - join us on 15 November to find out more

Posted: 23 Oct 2017

VitalSix is pleased to be hosting a meeting with the Richardson Texas Economic Partnership & Reading UK CIC, the economic development company for Reading, that manages a business twinning agreement with Richardson, Texas. Known historically as the Telecom Corridor®, Richardson's business community has evolved to incorporate other innovative new technologies. Key industry clusters are communications, computer gaming, cleantech, cloud computing and semiconductors. 

Communications includes telecommunications,  ICT (Information Communications Technology) and wireless devices/software.

Computer gaming is an $18 billion industry and a growing industry cluster in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. 

Clean Tech, or clean technology, describes a variety of technologies or innovations with conserve energy and natural resources, protect the environment or eliminate harmful waste. 

Cloud computing involves technologies related to the storage, transfer and manipulation of digitized files

The semiconductor cluster in Richardson is built around two large industry leaders: Texas Instruments and TriQuint Semiconductor

Please contact us to ask about joining us on 15 November to discuss mutual opportunities with the economic development team from Richardson.