Many businesses with more than 10 plus full-time staff recognise that they need some to help with managing their human resources but don’t need a full time person and or do not have the knowledge or confidence to address people issues as they start to unfold. 

Vital Six have a number of HR specialists that work with clients in the Thames Valley providing a retained HR service for a few days each month to help keep them up to date with areas such as legal requirements, policy and process and dealing with tricky situations such as redundancies, restructures, dismissals and other staffing matters such as, training, retaining the top people and recruitment.

One of our retained clients is a niche software company servicing the insurance sector.  In the last twelve months we have provided the executives with practical HR help to update contracts and policies introduce a simple data base to manage required records along with supporting a restructure and redundancy programme and outplacement help for those that would be looking for work.  Other projects have been on general staffing matters to resolve disputes, a leadership development programme and help on recruitment to find key members of staff.

Getting the right help has saved the business significant savings in staffing costs and through careful management of the tricky issues avoided any legal claims or staff disputes. 


"Becoming MD of Contemi UK Ltd, a software supplier, was a big step up for me as for anyone. And, such a change presents an excellent opportunity to make changes within a company. I was lucky enough to be put in contact with VitalSix who helped identify changes and improvements, particularly in terms of HR and increasing the skills levels of the new management.

A plan was put in place and at a very early stage, but events occurred which meant the plan needed to be changed. VitalSix was there to support, help and guide me to mitigate the effects of those events, and get the company back on track. We then returned to many aspects of the original plan, plugging some HR holes that had grown over time, and have started with a programme to move the company forward in terms of investing in better soft skills". William Pitt -  Managing Director, Contemi.


VitalSix are a regular visitor to the Contemi office, as well as being in regular contact, to grow a relationship and help Contemi be the success it can be.