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Ed Cooper

Ed Cooper

Co-founder of VitalSix Ltd. A broad background including mechanical engineer, construction industry contracts management, and environmental management. Ed has worked with up to 400 small businesses and has expertise in project management, environmental technologies, construction, raising finance and business strategy. He has spent twelve years working in government funded business support project contracts, where he has been immersed in the culture and development of small businesses. This experience was embodied in the development of the Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub and the Scale Up and other programmes delivered in partnership with Henley Business School at the University of Reading to develop the leaders of growing smaller businesses. Ed was also instrumental in the establishment of the £7.3m Thames Valley Funding Escalator and ran the i4i Life Sciences Accelerator a training programme linked to the National Institute for Health Research’s £17m i4i Fund. Ed has an extensive network of professionals, investors and advisers that he is able to lever for the benefit of his small business clients.

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