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"Building Your Customer Loyalty" Speakers Panel

Monday, 19 February, 2018
17:30 - 20:00
Room G15 Henley Business School University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus, RG6 6UD
Hear from a group of business leaders as they share their experience of building customer loyalty and offer guidance on best practice and join the discussion afterwards.

What is the event about?
A considerable amount has been written about customer loyalty and all companies will understand what it is or at least they should. In simple terms, it’s about creating a positive experience in the mind of the customer. However, customer loyalty is more than the customer continuing to buy from the company.
Building customer loyalty is not easy and why companies should not think that just because customer come back to buy it has achieved customer loyalty. Ultimately, customer loyalty is a measure of the success in retaining a long term relationship with the customer where the customer recommends the company to others and where life time value of a customer is maximised.
A group of business leaders join the panel to share their experience of building customer loyalty and offer guidance on good and best practice, which SMEs can benefit by.

How will you benefit?
Participants attending the event will find out how a variety of businesses from different sectors have created and deployed business intelligent systems for a sustainable competitive advantage.
Participants will also be able to engage with peers and speakers during networking before and after the presentations.

Sandra Sassow, CEO and Founder of SEaB Energy
James Malone, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Opsview
Elizabeth Camilleri, CEO of Shopological


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