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"Good Enough" Products & Services.

When is 'good enough' good enough? Speaker: Rob Yates - Yaltec Ltd

When is your product or service 'good enough'? For small business developing new products & services the answer is probably sooner than you think.

Join us to hear how Rob Yates delivered on a 'good enough' strategy to find first customers & test the direction for more product/service development. 

It's vital to the success of smaller businesses that they get going and get new products or services out in to the market as soon as possible. Striving for perfection can lead to an opportunity being missed - being good enough is key to getting to your market quickly. Rob Yates will talk about affordable 'good enough' products or services that effectively meet the basic needs of customers - after that's done, investment to scale up can be focused on the right things.


Rob has many years of experience to draw on having worked with many small businesses and having led and managed a global team of senior technologists tasked with selecting the concept for production of the next generation razor with target sales of $1bn per annum (Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall technology). Rob makes product/service development make sense for smaller businesses that don't have the multi million pound budgets like the global corporates.



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