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Speakers' Panel series: 'Establishing a Powerful Business Intelligence System'.

The Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship would like to invite you to the next event in our Speakers' Panel series: 'Establishing a Powerful Business Intelligence System'.

Business intelligence (BI) is regarded as the mix of strategies, processes, applications, data and digital tools that are used to carry out the collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information. It has grown to become a key area of focus for companies, particularly SMEs seeking to improve performance.

Companies use BI to support business decision making, both strategic and operational. The former includes business planning and investment and the latter covers aspects like manufacturing, recruitment and pricing.

With the growth in both the volume and variety of data (both internal and external, especially data about the customer) it has become important for growth that every company creates and maintains a BI system that enables the company to access data and use it in a way that better serves the customer.

Businesses that harness such data using BI systems have grown a sustainable competitive advantage through improved decision-making. BI systems are no longer the sanctuary of large corporations and with a growing array of affordable BI software tools, BI has enormous potential for SMEs.

A group of business leaders will be joining the panel to share their experience of creating and working with a business intelligence system and offer guidance on best practice, which SMEs can benefit by. The panel will seek to address important questions around BI, such as how to train staff on BI and what the tangible benefits are of using BI.

Presentations  will include:

  • Sandra Sassow, CEO & Co-Founder SEaB Energy
  • Chris Rauch VP Customers for Life, Sage People
  • Chris Craggs, CEO McFarlane Telfer

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