Mobile Productivity Ltd (acquired by Sword Mobile)

The Business
Provision of mobile asset leasing platform to banks on mobile devices enabling quick straightforward pricing and workflow for finance sales.

The problem :
Initially advice was sought on how to grow the business and this led to a change in focus from development of a customer specific product, to development of the wider business.

Support delivered:
Early meetings and business plan review, led to a new strategy that required a company restructuring.  Ed Cooper and Stephen Foale provided key advice and input at this point to enable this restructuring to take place. The company went on to consolidate its market position and further coaching input from VitalSix helped to ensure the business growth continued and the company was prepared for exit.  It was subsequently bought by Sword Group for £3 million.

Future plans:
The directors continue to work and manage a division of Sword Mobile and are still engaged with VitalSix for support and training.

Quote: Tom Jones | CTO
"The team at VitalSix made a number of crucial interventions into our business that helped us to change direction, grow the business and subsequently secure a successful exit."