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Business Accelerator Programmes - we’re recruiting now for companies to join the next Eagle Flight Programme, which will be delivered by VitalSix in partnership with Henley Business School.

   What is Eagle Lab Flight?

It's a business accelerator programme funded by Barclays for entrepreneurs to benefit from a rigorous four month training and support programme combining comprehensive business and leadership education with mentoring, support and expert advice from experienced business people who have started, grown and sold their own businesses. Find out more and apply for a place here

Training Workshops - delivered by industry experts to add to and improve your business knowledge and skills.

These workshops help business leaders stay ahead of the competition, manage their businesses more effectively and speed up decision making. Subjects include financial management, social media and new product development.

Accelerate the success of your business with a high growth entrepreneurial team

  • Understand the characteristics of entrepreneurial top management teams that drive venture success  
  • Entrepreneurial Team Dynamics – key factors that drive high performing companies
  • VitalSix runs a series of short workshops to increase your potential for success

Leadership Style* – understand the effect of leadership style on business growth

The leadership style adopted by a CEO will determine the success or failure of a high growth venture

  • Identify your own style of leadership
  • Understand how leader behaviour effects positive change in business growth
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership style to drive high growth

Team Emotional Intelligence – build trust, group identity, and group efficacy

The emotional intelligence of entrepreneurial leaders correlates directly to successful team performance

  • Understand why EI is more important than IQ in business
  • Learn more about the impact of emotional intelligence on success
  • Understand the importance of affective vs cognitive conflict within your team

Team Processes – the fundamental elements essential to successful team work

Strong leaders create an environment where team members can achieve key business goals

  • Understand the five key team processes
  • Learn what factors determine superior team performance
  • Identify strategies to improve team social capital

Building balanced teams* – create a more efficient and capable leadership team

An opportunity to formally assess your leadership team’s Team Role balance

  • Understand team roles using the Belbin Team Role model
  • Learn how team roles put your team’s strengths to work
  • Plan how to help your team members fulfil their potential


Workshop fees: £145 + VAT per person for a half day open workshop

(*plus £50 + VAT profiling cost pp where relevant – this is the license fee charged to us by Belbin & others for an individual to complete an on-line profiling questionnaire with a feedback report)