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VitalSix. A partner for scale up companies seeking funding and a partner for investors seeking potential opportunities

VitalSix helps ambitious business leaders to plan for scale up and secure investment using its extensive knowldge and know-how.

Links to sources of finance - we have strong working relationships with a range of finance and funding organisations including Henley Business Angels, London Business Angel Network, Forbury Tech, The FSE Group, and crowd funding and peer-to-peer platforms as well as a number of individual private investors. VitalSix works with businesses to ensure they are ready to engage with these organisations before we make introductions and assist with negotiations.

VitalSix and those collaborating with us to create the Earley Investment Fund have a strong pipeline of early-stage prospects which are developing innovative and scalable technology, IP, and market-leading products/services requiring funding to accelerate growth. The Fund will seek to invest in and build a portfolio of high growth prospects and to generate the attractive returns possible through early-stage investing.

The team at VitalSix has a strong track record of supporting early-stage businesses through to growth with support to raise the finance they need along the way. The Fund is seeking to build on strong existing networks and is viewed as a means of developing the region’s early-stage finance presence to create the culture and networks necessary to support our world-beating entrepreneurs and businesses. The Fund is hoped to be the first in a succession of similar funds and a follow on funding escalator for subsequent investments.

Next steps

If you are a sophisticated investor or self certified high net worth individual please contact us for more information about the Earley Investment Fund.

If you lead or manage a growing business looking for funding to expand, please talk to us about how we can help you secure finance that's right for your business. 

Ed Cooper | [email protected] | 0118 304 0666 | 07899 794794

VitalSix for corporates & investors

  • A fast track to good opportunities
  • Build an investment portfolio
  • Opportunity to add value as well as invest
  • Strong connections to ambitious scale ups
  • Be part of the scale up community in the wider Thames Valley
  • Network with & invest with your peers

VitalSix for scale up leaders

  • Over 12-year track record of nurturing & advising early stage businesses
  • Hands on knowledge of what it takes to be 'investment ready'
  • Access to funds: strong connections to potential private and corporate investors
  • Be part of the scale up community in the wider Thames Valley
  • Network & learn with your peers