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Investment and Exit Readiness

Securing funds for growth is just one of the challenges faced by many high potential businesses and it’s crucial that expansion is not stifled through lack of funds

VitalSix has the knowledge and know-how to help you maximise your chances of securing funds for growth. We provide practical advice, expertise and connections to raise funding for growth or plan for an exit through a trade sale. We ensure you are all set for the scrutiny of external investors.

Where external finance is sought, it’s well known that investors value well prepared and clearly thought through business plans. Leaders and managers often get too close to their own plans and may fail to see how best to present succinctly their ideas, ambitions and potential. We fully recognise it's your business; our input provides a framework for strategic planning and investment or exit readiness

Advice & guidance

  • Preparation of well-structured and considered investment ready business plans
  • Detailed financial forecasts and financial statements underpinned with sound assumptions
  • Preparation for the due diligence process carried out by potential investors
  • Rehearsal of funding presentations and confidential presentation ‘dry runs’
  • Input on commercial matters during your negotiations with potential investors and discussions with professional advisers.

Access to Funds

  • Identify relevant sources of funds
  • Make direct connections to potential sources of equity and debt finance

VitalSix will complement your team with experienced business people who have started, have grown, raised finance for, and exited many businesses. The VitalSix team has a track record of supporting businesses to raise funds and manage mergers and acquisitions; the team has been involved in over £200 million of transactions.