The Business:  
SORCE, a Newbury based award winning intranet software supplier, delivers flexible solutions that support supplier engagement and streamline business processes.

The Challenge:
SORCE had invested to migrate from providing software as a product to a software as a service (SaaS) model. SORCE was looking to capitalise on this investment as the company scaled up.

Support Delivered:
Initially VitalSix ran a workshop for the senior management team using the Business Model Canvas strategic management tool. This helped crystalise the current business model and shape the development of a new one. The visual chart articulated the company’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers and financial model. From the team’s collective focus, SORCE was able to identify and address some areas for improvement. John Nicklin, MD followed this up with attendance on the Berkshire Business Accelerator with all of his senior management team. At this three day course delivered in partnership with Henley Business School, the team could explore these areas in more detail and formulate strategies for future development and growth. Feedback from the course reinforced the point that the team found the introduction of new ideas and business frameworks particularly useful and benefited from time away from day to day operations in order to explore these in more detail.

Future Plans:
The team is now better placed to confirm and implement future plans with the whole team and overall business sharing clear objectives, focus and priorities.

“I have been really pleased with the engagement with VitalSix, the knowledge they have and the manner in which they have supported us really worked, I wish we had met them years ago”  John Nicklin - Managing Director